Enterprise Modernization

Our research-driven approach brings the best resources to strategic organizational initiatives, making us a key partner as you execute enterprise modernization.

In today’s world, the rules of business and technology are changing. Speed and agility are more important than ever.

At Ballista, we know the goals and capabilities of every organization are different. That is why we approach enterprise modernization on a case-by-case basis. Leading with a research-driven methodology, we use the right technology to solve your most complex problems.

Research Driven Approach

New opportunities and shifting technologies require corporations to change the way they build software, applications, and services (e.g., Big Data, AI, web-scale, IoT, event sourcing, Blockchain, etc.). Larger companies struggle to innovate, while smaller and more nimble companies often do not have access to strategic and operational global networks and resources.

Research takes decades to go from discovery to practice. Our research-driven approach drastically shortens the cycle from discovery in the lab to implementation in the enterprise. Simply put, we bring solutions to the table others can’t. And we do it better and faster every single day.

Scalability for Anyone

At Ballista, we take a hands-on approach to scaling rising-star companies. Capital is essential when a company aims to speed up its growth. We take an equity stake and seek external sources of capital that we believe match the vision, mission, and culture of the company. Ballista partners with consultancies and law firms to deliver integrated, tailored commercial and operational scaling, ensuring an integrated Omni approach to global launches.

Ballista’s most unique offering is technological scalability for any company. To this end, we acquired the world’s leading scaling consultancy and use it to make the companies in which we invest ready to take on the world. Our consultants have helped companies – large and small – in most verticals scale their technologies. Now they are ready to help scale-up companies grow beyond today’s markets.

Value-Based Solutions

Many companies adopt a technological platform in the early days that enables speed to market but inevitably outgrow it. This reality means that they become a victim of their success; spikes in traffic, customer growth, and other factors cause the technology to eventually deteriorate hindering growth and increasing transaction costs (often outpacing sales revenue). We’re experts in modernization with solutions that allow you to grow.

Boundary-crushing technology has been only available to those with pockets deep enough to afford the highlight skilled and educated.  We enable everyone to attain world-class talent, effective use of established standards, and open-source to keep the cost low. We help you comprehend the depth of the technology, map it to the current business case, and implement truly scalable solutions – before your competitors do.

During my responsibility at Panasonic, the Ballista platform has proven its scalability, robustness, and application speed during Panasonic Denver - DOT Smart City project by enabling us "as Panasonic" to move forward with our Proof of Concept very fast and by meeting all customer Smart City - IoT requirements. The Ballista development platform framework and application themselves were world class. Our Ballista Smart City Development project was definitely one of our very successful projects.

Hakan KostepenPanasonic

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