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At Ballista, we offer courses taught by practitioners that not only master the topic, but work on the technologies on a daily basis. We've had the privileged of training industry leaders such as Netflix and Paypal in everything from computer science to software deployment strategy.

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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka has become the essential information bus for many of the Fortune-500 companies. In this course, we'll teach not only how to use Kafka, but how Kafka works under the hood so that you can use Kafka in the correct way.

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Apache Spark

Apache Spark has become a very popular computational framework for processing big data. With it's rich set of libraries and computational models, companies are now able to process massive amounts of information. In this course, we'll bring you up to speed on Apache Spark and its libraries.

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Big Data and Hadoop

Big Data means different things to different people. In this course, we'll ensure that you have a solid defiition based on fundamenal computational theory. We will also go through Hadoop and show the Hadoop infrastructure.

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Modern Scaleable Architecture

We are on the verge of seeing a major change in the overall structure of software applications. This architecture stands up to demands such as elasticscale, near perfect isolation of features, higly testable, functional, etc. In this course, we share these principles in a way where everyone from CEO and down to the individual contributors can participate.

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Effective Java

Mastery of Java is not easy. In this course, we have collected best practices and patterns to help Java programmers move from fluency to mastery. We cover many of the best practices from Joshua Bloch book, but in addition, we have added examples of patterns and anti-patterns that we and our customers have experienced.

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Stop waiting around

Node.js has become a very popular framwork to build the underlying logic of an application. In this course, we'll give the students a solid understanding of Node.js, it's infrastucture, the supporting tools.

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Data Science for Non-Data Scientists

This course aims at getting engineers and other college graduates to understand the opportinuties in the data and also some of the best tools to process the data. We will start with some fundamental math and statistics and move to contemporary tools and algorithms.

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Docker has become a very important tool to help isolate and deploy software. With Docker, the developers can package the software in a way that makes it easy for the devops group to deploy. In this course, we'll show how to use docker, how to create your own docker images, and how to deploy docker images.

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Advanced C++

This advanced C++ Training course offers a comprehensive coverage of the features of C++ language. The course includes a complete overview of the new features in C++11 and C++14. Our goal is to transfer as much knowledge as possible from the classroom to the workplace.

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Design Patterns and Architecture

This Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns Training course covers advanced aspects of object technology, with particular emphasis on problem solving with design patterns, as well as on architectures for advanced systems.

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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

This (OOD) course covers object-oriented analysis and design. It includes all aspects of what designers and architects need to successfully execute object-oriented projects. The course teaches a proven method of building software systems by using activities of domain/business modeling, system analysis, and system architecture and design. The course provides numerous exercises and several case studies that enable participants to practice the learned material.

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Architectural Thinking

When programmers are promoted to architects, organizations often loose a great programmer and gain a terrible architect. In this course, we aim at teaching a software engineer how to become an architect. It is also a great course for architects to learn about the latest architectural patterns and processes.

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