Duration: 2 days


Docker has become a very important tool to help isolate and deploy software in large and small enterprises. With Docker, the developers can package the software in a way that makes it easy for the DevOps group to deploy.

Docker has also become an essential tool for how we setup dependencies for our developers.

In this course, we’ll show you how to use docker and how to create and deploy your own docker images. We’ll also discuss popular orchestration frameworks such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, etc.


  • Learn how to install Docker and how it runs on your machine

  • Understand the role of DockerHub and how your organization can setup their own version

  • Learn to manage instances

  • Learn to define your own Docker image

  • Learn how to setup Docker networks

  • Use docker-compose to configure multi-container deployments

  • Understand how the containers work and how to set them up

  • Learn how to manage persistent data in Docker

  • Understand Dockers security features

  • Learn how to setup an application using Docker Swarm

  • Understand how Kubernetes and Docker works together


Any software developer, architect, or DevOps engineer.


Introduction to Docker

  • History

  • Docker vs virtual machines

  • What is Docker?

  • Docker containers

  • Docker images

  • Docker engine

  • DockerHub

Docker containers

  • Fundamental goals of containers

  • Container benefits to various stakeholders

  • Docker’s lineage

  • High-level overview of how docker runs

  • Common commands

  • Common options

  • Interacting with a container

  • Execute programs inside the containers

Docker images

  • Relationship between images and containers

  • Union file system

  • How does an image work?

  • Finding images locally or globally

  • How to select an image?

  • Creating your own image

  • Dockerfiles

  • Docker build cache

  • Building the images

  • Publishing images

Docker Registries

  • What is DockerHub?

  • Official repositories

  • Private repositories

  • Web hooks

  • Copying images without DockerHub

  • Pushing images to DockerHub

  • Internal Docker Registries

  • Understanding image naming

  • Tagging images

  • Testing of internal registries

Docker Networking

  • Container networking model

  • Default networks

  • Container visibility

  • Network inspect

  • User defined networks

  • Network separation

  • Overlay networks

Docker Compose

  • What is docker-compose?

  • The advantage of docker-compose

  • The docker-compose files

  • Managing the lifecycle with docker-compose

  • Compose installation

  • Multiple isolated environment

  • Preserve volume data

  • Recreate only changed containers

  • Variables


  • How to use Docker Swarm?

  • How to use Kubernetes?