Apache Kafka

Duration: 2 days

Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka has become the essential information bus for many Fortune-500 companies. At Ballista, Kafka is often used in the architecture we build for our clients.

In the course extremely popular course, we’ll teach you how to properly use Kafka and how Kafka works under the hood so that you can get maximum benefit. We’ll also teach you about Kafka Streams (KStreams), Mirror Maker, Exactly Once Delivery, and much more.


  • Learn how Kafka is used in the industry

  • Learn how to publish to Kafka

  • Learn how to read from Kafka

  • Learn how to use Kafka Streams

  • Learn how to use Kafka Connect

  • Master Exactly Once Delivery


  • Software Engineers

  • Software Architects


Kafka Fundamentals

  • What is Kafka?

  • Why Kafka?

  • Some real-world use cases

  • Topics

  • Partitions

  • How Kafka works

Kafka publishers

  • What is a publisher?

  • How to use the Kafka publisher?

  • Kafka configuration and why you care

Kafka consumers

  • What is a consumer?

  • What is a consumer group?

  • Proper use of consumers

  • Kafka configuration of consumers and why you care

Advanced topics and partitions

  • How to design topics?

  • How to select partitions?

  • Replication and compromises

  • Best practices

  • Marshaling options

  • Compression

  • Encryption

Kafka Streams

  • What is Kafka Streams?

  • Alternatives (such as Spark and Flink) and tradeoffs

  • The Kafka Streaming DSL

  • Streaming API’s

  • Windowing

  • Forks and Joins

  • Some real-world use cases

Kafka administration

  • Kafka tools

  • Mirror maker

  • Kafka connect

  • Best practices

Exactly once delivery

  • Common failures in Kafka

  • Naive use of Kafka and the consequences

  • Idempotency

  • Exactly once delivery is guaranteed in Kafka, what does it mean?