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Panagiotis is a rising star here at Ballista Technology Group. Check out his perspective on his latest project and how it will improve patient access and quality of care.

Project Hermes

Project Hermes has the potential to improve the international health care system. As a means to showcase its potential impact, let’s assume that an American citizen has signed a health insurance contract with an insurance company. Let’s call this person Mr. Smith. Let’s suppose that Mr. Smith, unfortunately, fell ill and must stay in hospital for an extended period (I am sorry, Mr. Smith!). As he and his wife check the hospital contract’s terms and requirements, they discover that the insurance company can pay the bill from the hospital. This common scenario presents a crucial question: Is it beneficial for the insurance company to take care of the bill, or should the patient pay it themselves?

Ballista Technology Group, with Project Hermes, aims to solve a significant problem by executing large clinical rule sets on populations to drive decision support at high performance and scale. It is the fastest engine of its kind, leveraging standards such as Clinical Quality Language (CQL) and FHIR.

Another benefit to this project is the opportunity to use its learnings in other data analysis projects. Its great potential is more than we previously realized! Imagine the power of reading and understanding the clinical data of any patient! This is potentially the first step to predicting and preventing patients from worsening and subsequently improving their overall health. Furthermore, it can allow a medical researcher to therapeutically approach health diseases, such as self-immune diseases, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease. This method effectively removes the need for users to understand programming languages or worry about the memory, CPU cost, or speed as the systems are already optimized.

Thus, Project Hermes is more than just a project! It is a tool with great potential and, like the old Greek Olympian God with the same name, is the messenger who gives us the answer that the user seeks, the solution that we need to find fast and easy!


According to the main site of the American Hospital Association there are 33,356,853 admissions in all U.S. Hospitals till the 3rd of July in 2022.

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