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We are a technology consulting partner that serves corporate and enterprise customers, helping them architect, build, and deploy modern technology solutions.
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At Ballista, we deliver market-leading scalable technology in a time frame that radically accelerates your time to business value.

There is undisputed value to bringing highly qualified people to a problem. Our experience has shown that using our expertise, technology, and methodology we achieve output orders of magnitude higher than the alternative. Ballista delivers market-leading scaling technology in a time frame that radically speeds up your time to market.


Research has shown that the lag between discovery and practice is 10-20 years [1,2]. Ballista’s research-driven approach married our academic research background with our extensive real-world experience and brings it to bear on today’s hardest problems. That allows us to provide better solutions to market faster and allows our customers to focus on their business, innovation, and digital transformation. We help customers cross the chasm faster and better and we do it all the time.
Business Modernization

Scalable Technology for your Enterprise

With Ballista, corporations can focus on their business, innovation and digital transformation, without the limitations of traditional and legacy IT. We help you cross the chasm faster and better. We've had the honor to work for some of the most influential and impactful organizations including: Google, NASA, NY Blood Center, Northwestern Mutual, Panasonic, PayPal, Vizient, United Healthcare, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart.

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Predictably scalable systems

We have the ability to build secure, highly resilient systems that can grow to a massive scale, giving you a competitive advantage.

Fast and cost-efficient software development

Pre-built building blocks allow for scale at cost. Building solutions with Ballista costs far less than a larger SIs.

Event-driven integrations

At the heart of today’s modernization are event-driven architectures that reduce cost and focus on the system’s interactions and data. Our approach focuses on the five key benefits of modern application architecture: scalability, resilience, agility, data sharing, and cloud-enabling.

Modernize existing IT-portfolio

Legacy systems are difficult to replace. So, we developed a methodology that allows us to build a future-proof new system while taking away the risk of shutting down and replacing legacy IT.

Trusted by the most notable organizations

From top tier financial institutions, to leading software companies, we have solved our customers most complex problems.

Our Expertise in Action

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We know Health IT

Combining our extensive knowledge of clinical decision support and big data ecosystems, we build fast, reliable systems using the latest Health IT standards like FHIR and CQL on the technical stack of your choice.
Looking for guidance on an architectural design or implementing one of the various open-source solutions? We’ve got you covered there, too.

During my responsibility at Panasonic, the Ballista platform has proven its scalability, robustness, and application speed during Panasonic Denver - DOT Smart City project by enabling us "as Panasonic" to move forward with our Proof of Concept very fast and by meeting all customer Smart City - IoT requirements. The Ballista development platform framework and application themselves were world class. Our Ballista Smart City Development project was definitely one of our very successful projects.

Hakan KostepenPanasonic

Ballista is hands down the fastest and most knowledgeable group of software developers and architects I know. Their development speed and quality of work is outstanding. Using Ballista’s platform and services our agile sprints are now measured not in weeks but hours.

Lloyd MangnallCIO, AMC Health Systems

The team at Ballista knew everything there was to know about building the back end, and they understood what it would take to support our vision. We were fortunate to become partners in the venture and worked very hard to architect and build the One Degree engine. What we got, was as amazing outcome and we were confident our back end was equal to our front end.

Sean StorinOne Degree

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

Our Passion for Innovation and Education

Pushing the boundries of computer science

As we architect and build scalable solutions for our customers, we leverage the latest technology platforms (such as Apache Kafka, RocksDB, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, and search technologies like Elastic and SOLR) with a deep knowledge of the entire big data ecosystem. We’re experts in moving billions of high-variety data elements in real-time, in the cloud, and always available in AWS serverless technologies.

To provide the best value for our customers, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in computer science.

Training for your Enterprise: Ballista Learning Academy

We believe that everyone should have access to practical education resources and teach skills that can be deployed right in the field. Whether you are a customer, team member, or simply interested in enhancing your competitive skill set, we have a training course for you. Our practitioners not only master the topic but work on the technologies on a daily basis. Our training courses are variations of real-world scenarios that we have encountered when solving our customer’s most complex problems.

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